Monday, February 24, 2014

Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace

Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace

I really love this necklace! It's the only thing I listed today. I made it, by hand, with pearls and silver wire and attached it to a 16 inch sterling silver chain. The necklace is $18.00 with FREE SHIPPING. 

Friday, February 21, 2014


I put this sale on etsy to make it easier for people to shop my earrings. I created pull-down menus for each set of earring, and put links to each individual earring pair page in the description sections so that people can shop all the earrings from that single link. I hope it's convenient and that people take advantage of the sale.

Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

I'm so in love with this necklace! I'm really excited to be expanding my jewelry line. The response to the jewelry has been really good over the last couple of weeks. I understand it was Valentine's Day, and that has a lot to do with the jump in my jewelry sales, but I have had a couple of repeat customers and one of them requested a sideways cross. I am now working on that, but decided to add a traditional cross to the collection as well. For years I worked as a jewelry associate at Wal-Mart, and one of the things I would get requests for often was a "plain" cross. Many crosses are very ornate with lots of complicated decoration, and I think a lot of people want something more understated for everyday wear. 
My husband helped me to find an exceptional Sterling Silver Supplier. They are called Halstead.
Their website isn't very good, but their print catalog is amazing!!! I am really excited to have found a wholesaler that specializes in metals. I have been using Fire Mountain Gems for my pearls and gemstones:
They are great, but the gemstones, beads, and pearls are obviously their specialty. Having found Halstead, I feel very excited about expanding the styles of earrings I can offer, and I can finally expand my necklace collection, which I have been planning to do for a while. I'm getting really into this jewelry making stuff, and I think I would like to go to a trade school to learn other techniques. I am also considering opening an online storefront to sell jewelry exclusively, separate from my artwork site. The main reason is because Jewelry is fast becoming the bulk of what I carry at my etsy store and that shop was meant to sell a variety of my artwork. I would like to maintain variety in that shop.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Listing More Original Artwork

Original Charcoal Sketches

These are charcoal sketches that I did around 2004 using charcoal with various levels of hardness including white charcoal. This is one of my favorite mediums to work with. Looking through my old sketches reminds me how much I really do enjoy portrait art. I would love to start doing these again. I have listed these 2 for $100 each because I do not plan to make any prints or reproductions of these pieces. Visit my Shop:

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2 New Listings and a SPECIAL DEAL

 Hooray for DEALS!!!

I'm excited about this, and I have so much more coming soon! I plan to do a 20% off deal, a 30% off deal, and a 40% off deal too!!! I stopped my facebook advertising today and started advertising with Etsy again. Honestly, it feels kind of refreshing just to be doing something new. It is also nice to be advertising specifically to people who are interested in buying from Etsy. They already know what to do and what to expect from an Etsy shop. It's really cool. I also made some new earrings today, and I'm very proud of them and think they are so cute.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Changed my Product Packaging

Haven't Heard From Me in a While?

I know! It was Valentine's Day. I really made a push to sell earrings last week, and it was incredibly busy for me! I have sold 28 pairs of earrings! That's a lot for me...just starting out and everything, and it was basically all I could handle. It made me realize that I need to make a few changes. The first and most major was to adjust my shipping cost and look at ways of reducing it since I presently offer FREE SHIPPING  and would like to continue doing so without significantly cutting into my margin. 
I realized that packaging one set of earring in its own 3" X 3" gift box and then shipping it in its own corrugated mailing box was not only excessive, it was heavy, and thereby upping my shipping costs considerably. Now that I am packing in a flatter box, I can use mailing envelopes that lower my shipping weight by 6 ounces and my shipping costs by about 80 cents per package. That may not sound like a lot, but if you multiply it by 28, it would have saved me more than 22 dollars last week. 
I am still experimenting with facebook marketing, and it directly resulted in over 2,000 hits to my etsy shop last week! If you remember my previous entry about facebook marketing, I said I got 52 views, and I thought that was a lot. 
Of course, "views" do not "purchases" make, so there are still kinks to be worked out of my advertising plan. One major drawback with facebook is that it is very expensive. Again, I am concerned about my margins being eaten up by advertising costs and I am exploring other avenues. 3 of last week's sales came from return customers so advertising to my existing customers would not be a waste. 
If anyone has any ideas for marketing -- please leave comment

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Special
Triple Mauve Pearl Drop Earrings
I am selling some of my earrings for a special price Today and Tomorrow (2/8/2014-2/9/2014). They are 40% off. FREE SHIPPING and free gift wrapping available! The price is $6.00! If you order on these two days they will arrive in time for Valentine's Day!

A lot of these earrings are also available at auction at my ebay store. The auctions start at $3.99! Shipping through ebay costs $2.75.

The packaging is really cute. Here are some pictures: